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Enroll your child in our free Summer Leadership Academy. Children ages 5-14 can participate. 

Space is limited. Learn more about our Summer Leadership Academy here.


We employ young people to serve as National Advisers at our Summer Leadership Academy. National Advisers help kids found their own countries, make decisions, and learn how to be leaders.

Our National Advisers are also enrolled in King Sam's Guardians of Good and will learn about leadership, civic engagement, and financial management.


Must be at least 16 years old. (15-year-olds can volunteer!) 

You can volunteer at our Summer Leadership Academy. Volunteers play roles in our World Leadership Game. Some volunteers participate as Assistant National Advisers, providing general help to our young leaders. Some volunteers lead activities - like cooking, art, or launching rockets - for one or more days. Some volunteers visit with our young leaders to answer their questions on a specific topic of international concern. And some volunteers help us greet families, put on our special events, run supply drives, and complete more administrative tasks.
Our volunteer opportunities vary, but the experience is always fun.
We also accept young people 15-years-old and up as volunteers.

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