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Summer Leadership Academy

What happens when kids rule the world?
The Education Exchange Corps will find out (again!) this summer!

The Education Exchange Corps Summer Leadership Academy is a free academic program that helps kids develop leadership, teamwork, and academic skills. Our goal is to empower children to take on our world's greatest challenges.

Students play our Global Leadership Simulation game over several days during the summer. Our simulation places children as the leaders of multiple countries. They have to decide how to govern with each other, use their national resources, and cooperate (or go it alone) as they face multiple global challenges. Each day, kids learn about the particular global challenge they are facing, and they have to research the issues if they are to make informed decisions. 


The program is staffed by one to two supervisors and several young adults who are employed through the King Sam's Guardians of Good program.

Summer 2018
This summer, the program will be held held at:

             Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church
             Across the street from 1435 Mallinckrodt Street
             St. Louis, MO 63107


Dates: July 9 - 27

Time: 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Cost: FREE, including free Breakfast and Lunch

Enroll your child, apply for a summer position, or sign up to volunteer on our application page.

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