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You can do so much to help every child access opportunity.

When you give of your time to help a child succeed, that child develops an understanding of her value. One of the biggest obstacles to student success is a lack of self love. 

You can change that. Sign up using our volunteer form below, or email

Summer Special Guests play a role in our Global Leadership Game. You'll be a resident of one of our countries, and you'll visit our student-run nations.

Time Commitment: 45 minutes - 3 hours

Student Support Staff help manage the program. This includes a lot of interaction with kids, teaching, and providing general help.

Time Commitment: Full and part-time positions available

Fundraising Helpers help us fundraise!

Grantwriting Helpers help us write grants!

Leadership Workshop Hosts bring us to their group to play our Global Leadership Simulation and talk about what we do.

We are always open to having help! If you have other ideas, put them in the comments box.

Volunteer Opportunities
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