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We show children the power they have to lead the world.
Our Global Leadership Simulation game puts kids 
K-12 in charge of countries as they deal with global events.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working with kids in St. Louis.

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What is the Education Exchange Corps?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working with kids in the City of St. Louis, Missouri.
We run programs and partner with schools, families, and other organizations to help unlock the potential of every child.
Much of our work focuses on North St. Louis City, but we have worked with kids all over the region.
Who We Are

What We Do

What We Do
We invented the Global Leadership Simulation game. Groups of players form governments, deal with local and global challenges, and trade crayons for pipe cleaners during international summits held over juice.
The game teaches so many important skills by allowing kids to be creative.
Our free Summer Leadership Academy in North St. Louis City provides a safe place for kids and a consistent source of meals.
During the summer, we employ a group of young adults as King Sam's Guardians of Good to help run our academy. King Sam's Guardians also receive training in civic engagement and financial management.
We also help other groups start and run more programs for families.
Want leadership training for your group? Let us know! 

Get Involved!

Get Involved

Come visit as one of our summer special guests, serve as a supervisor or support staffer, help us with fundraising, or volunteer in another way!

We rely on donations from folks like you to keep working with families in St. Louis. And your donations are tax-deductible! We'd be honored to have your support!

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We need more of us involved in the movement to guarantee every child opportunity. We'd love to hear from you!

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Media inquiries can be directed to:
Elad Gross

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